Bangalore Kubernetes and OpenShift Meetup September 2017

Yes, Saturdays can be productive, too! On the 9th of September, Kubernauts and OpenShift users had gathered at Red Hat’s office in Bangalore. The event was the September edition of the Kubernetes and OpenShift meetup.

Kamesh Sampath kicked off the session with his talk “Continuous Development using Eclipse Che”. His first point was food for thought, as he discussed why Developer on-boarding is complex for an organization.

Next, he introduced cloud workspaces, and started steering the discussion towards how a modern cloud-native IDE can boost developer productivity. Kamesh concluded the talk by showing us a demo of Eclipse Che and Red Hat’s Yes, he also had some cool sticker’s for everyone to grab:

Next up was Ashish Pandey’s talk on “Container as a Service (CaaS)” where he started off with a discussion on the current state of Containers. Moving on, he explained what a Container Management framework is, and talked about the current offerings that are available for us to choose.

The introduction was followed by an interesting discussion on the capabilities of a container management system on what it can and cannot do, followed by a brief overview of the tools and frameworks required to set up Containers as a service. Ashish concluded his talk by exploring the trade-offs and best practices we should consider when choosing a container management platform.

After the amazing start to the day, it was time to take a mini-break for snacks and coffee, which was combined with open discussions and meeting new people. Along with the regulars, we see new people every time in the meetups, and its a good experience getting to know them and their views.

Myntra’s own adnaan badr was next up on the stage, talking about “Establishing a CI/CD pipeline with Gitlab, Kubernetes and Deis”. He shared his experience on creating the tooling for CI and CD by leveraging multiple technologies. Adnaan also talked about the practices on moving towards a CI CD pipeline.

The final talk for the day was Nikhil Chawla’s talk on Simplified Kubernetes installations. He demonstrated how we can use kubeadm to easily set up Kubernetes clusters. This talk was helpful for the beginner Kubernauts looking to take the next steps towards setting up Kubernetes.

Thanks to the amazing team of volunteers, and the participants who joined in on the weekend. The event wouldn’t have been so successful without the tremendous support of Red Hat and the site management team. The speakers who voluntarily come up to share their knowledge keep the meetups going, and we can’t thank them enough for helping us foster a open community.

See you again in the next edition! :)