I am not much of a gamer boy myself, but I like to play games. One of the first games I have played is Street Fighter

While watching some random YouTube videos, I got a video tutorial to develop a similar game recommended to me. WHICH WAS FOUR HOURS LONG…



So, you’re watching some YouTube while going to sleep

Maybe you’re watching some Ted-talks, documentaries, podcasts, etc. and then the video finishes playing and starts playing something next. You like it, maybe not. You decide it give it a go anyway.

But then, you fall asleep. Only to wake up next day to find out you’re watching some MIT professor’s lecture. (That seems too specific😝)

That’s where this extension helps! Install the extension (Chrome Web store). Click the icon and set a timer that you think you will fall asleep in.

As short as 1 minute to infinity lol

It’ll show a popup with the entered time and then that’s it. The current tab will be automatically closed after that time!

Works on Chrome, Edge and any chromium-based browser!

Code: https://github.com/adityamhatre/tab-close-timer



The first thing I do after waking up after brushing my teeth is going out on my patio and enjoying the sun!

Now that the winter months have almost begun, I needed some way to know the temperature outside my apartment. However, I don’t like using my phone when I wake up. So I figured why not show the relevant info on the mirror!

And that is what I did. I hooked up my raspberry pi to a spare monitor display I had lying around, made a small UI to show the info, and attached a 2-way mirror over it, and voila!

I present to you, “The Magic Mirror”

It shows the weather, date, time, and some inspiring thoughts.
Oh! And it also knows when I am in front of it ☺

Check out the video: