Wordle in मराठी (Marathi) !!

Aditya Mhatre
2 min readMar 7, 2022

Wordle has currently taken over the world! Many people are flocking over to correctly guess the day’s 6 lettered word.

I just travelled back to the states from India and a Wordle archive game saved me from the boredom of a 18 hour long flight!

You either win by being an IELTS/TOEFL expert (😝), or by being a detective eliminating wrong choices to ultimately reach a solution or just plainly guessing it (😆)

Not a lot of people know a lot of words in English. Hence, the motivation to develop a wordle clone in my native language मराठी.

Now, being a software engineer, I thought of developing a Wordle clone मराठी. I decided to build one when I landed

The following day, I slept at 7pm and woke at 3am ✈️ Perks of jet-lag 🛩
What to do now ? Umm.. Why not start developing what I had decided I’d do!

I started this project as a nice organized code. But my sleep-deprived brain got the better of me and I ended up coding the hackathon version 😂

I guess I completed the game in like 10–11 hours and I am writing this in the same sleep deprived state lol 💤

I believe Wordle is a derived word from, well, “word”. So naturally I have to name this game similarly 🙈

The word for “word” in मराठी is “शब्द” (Shab-duh).
Presenting: https://shabdle.in

It has the same rules. Guess the word within 7 tries.
Also, unlike Wordle, Shabdle presents you with a new word every time you load the page. No more having to wait a whole day for the next puzzle !

Here are some screen caps:

Home screen
Solved puzzle

If you want to see my not so good code: https://github.com/adityamhatre/shabdle