Originally published at https://pyblog.in on July 6, 2019.

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Artificial Intelligence is the future of the programming world. More and more developers, seeing the growing demand for AI technologies, familiarize themselves with this science. And when you start learning AI and how it can be implemented in programming, the first question which comes to mind is “What are the best languages/frameworks/libraries to use?” That’s exactly what we will cover today in this review of the top 10 Deep Learning frameworks and libraries every programmer must know.

While the majority of us are fascinated by the early applications of machine learning, it continues to evolve at quite a promising pace, introducing us to more advanced algorithms like Deep Learning. This branch, by the way, is attracting even more attention than all other ML-algorithms combined. …

Originally published at pyblog.in on March 31, 2019.

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In Python, file handling requires no extra library to process files. Both text files and binary files can be operated in python. Unlike other programming languages file handling in python is pretty easy and can be implemented with minimum lines of code.

One thing worth noting is that python treats binary and text files differently and this should be kept in mind while working. Also, each file ends with an EOF indicator to tell the interpreter that the file has ended.

In this tutorial we will cover these topics on file handling:

File modes in python

‘r’->open for reading…

Originally published at pyblog.in on March 30, 2019.

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Python continues to lead the way in the field of data science with its ever-growing list of libraries and frameworks. …


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