The Prolonged Existence

Hi there, before you go on, I wish to inform you, this might just not make any sense and if it does, you will probably find yourself asking this question, “Who am I ?” If you do ask yourself that question you do so with all the honesty, and i hope the answers you get dont surprise you.

A walk down the memory lane… Let me take you back to the time when all you had to do was ask. No matter how you asked, either you smiled your way through it or probably just cried to get it, most of the times you did get it. Our parents no matter how hard have always tried to give the best to us. And that has probably made us question the quality of everything we ever had. No matter what it is, a job, a relationship, a canned juice or just the air we breathe. But have we as an individual qualified for it. Have we earned our way to ask this question? What we get is a consequence of our actions they say “KARMA”. So do we really get what we deserve or what we earn? What makes something right and something wrong? Who are we to draw the line?

Get up in the morning or sleep by the night.. Singers sing and dancers dance.. Aren’t these just conventions we all have adopted. Do you really need to follow them? Just because it suits the masses.. What if some morning they tell you, it was all a dream? Do you still would want to live it? Do you know who you essentially are? Do yo draw your curtains to light or do you want to draw the light to the curtains that fall? Who choses how your next day is going to be?

Maybe you know the answer or maybe you will find one. For all we know there might not be a tomorrow so live it tonight :)

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