RSA-2048 Cracked Using Shor’s Algorithm on a Quantum Computer

Aditya Yadav
Dec 13, 2018 · 3 min read

The Quantum World is inherently Chaotic. We have been able to sustain coherence for very short periods of time to do useful calculations. One can say our Quantum Computers lack depth and are shallow. But we have mathematical proof of algorithms that will run orders of magnitude better on Quantum Computers. Around the world everyone is trying to implement Qubits using techniques like Electron Spin, Flip Flop, Topology, Superconducting, Trapped Ion etc. The best we can do today is 50–60 Qubits for General Purpose “Universal” Quantum Computers and 2000 Qubits for Special Purpose Quantum Annealing Quantum Computers.

There are major issues that need to be resolved, Low Temperature Requirements, Preventing Environmental Interference, Qubit Imperfections, Error Correction, Connectivity, Number of Qubits, Designing The Software Stack, Designing and Implementing Algorithms etc. One can safely say all this will take anywhere between 3–15 years. In the “Small” world of Quantum Computing there are only 15–20 people across the globe. And in the words of Richard Feynman “I can safely say that no one understands Quantum Mechanics” The general understanding of this space and technology is very limited. It is not something which one can learn by doing one or two online courses. It requires at least a decade or two of studies and research to even be reasonably good at. There is a lot of hype and hearsay, wannabes and self-proclaimed experts, citizens and journalists professing, speaking and writing about Quantum Computing. Each with his own forecasts and predictions.

Software Quantum Computer Simulators don’t have any of the problems listed above. But they are literally impossible to make because of Exponential Compute and Storage Requirements. Automatski Fundamental Research is 25+ years into solving the toughest problems on the planet. And we have solved more than 7 NP-Complete & 4 NP-Hard problems in polynomial time or better. We also are the world’s first to put in production 3 types out of 4 types of Quantum Computers (Circuit Based, Analog, Adiabatic and Quantum Annealing) the largest and the most powerful in the world with more than 100,000+ Qubits which can be used for Real World Production Applications Today.

Most people are only worried about one and only one application of Quantum Computers — Can it break RSA 2048bit Cryptography? To break RSA 2048 cryptography we need a Quantum Computer of at least 4096 Qubits. Shor’s algorithm is based on Quantum Fourier Transform. Using Shor’s Algorithm we find periodicity. After which finding the factors can be done easily using a Classical Algorithm. So today we bring you just that. We will start by explaining the various ways of breaking RSA Cryptography, how Quantum Computers can be used to break RSA Cryptography using Shor’s Algorithm, which we will show you today.

We just Cracked RSA-2048 and ALL Existing Cryptography and Security…

1000’s of years from now, everyone will remember this day 13th Dec, 2018. When we achieved this and put the most powerful and pure/undiluted implementation of Shor’s Algorithm on a Quantum Computer Simulator in Production. Demonstrated and delivered with independently verifiable proof. And made available to all our Customers across the World.

With humility and gratitude for everything the world has given us… We make this announcement of our invention and accomplishment today!


Aditya Yadav
CEO, Automatski

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