The Rigetti 128-qubit chip and what it means for quantum
Rigetti Computing

There are 4 broad types of Quantum Computers in the world (i) Circuit Based (ii) Analog (iii) Adiabatic, (iv) Quantum Annealing. Automatski Fundamental Research has developed 3 of 4 types of Quantum Computers in the last 25+ years. And has put them into Production. These are in the range of 100,000+ Qubits. Each quantum computer/announcement is accompanied by independently verifiable proof.

Universal Adiabatic Quantum Computer v1.0

Special Purpose Quantum Annealing Quantum Computer v1.0

We are now working to Unleash a Wave of Quantum Computing Solutions on the Planet. From Robotics, Artificial General Intelligence, Cancer Cure/Protein Folding, Space Travel, Environment, to Finance etc.

Automatski is a bootstrapped, privately held company based out of North America.

Looking forward to creating a better world together.