Yadav’s Lectures on Physics, Space, Time and This Universe — Lecture One — The Creation of Space & Time

Aditya Yadav

I could never explain causality without introducing time. Seems logical that A may be or may not be correlated with B. But A causes B if A + Time => Correlates with B.

That’s a very interesting thought. Because when GOD implemented this Universe and the Fabric of the Universe with various Elements in the Fabric of the Universe. The Causality relationships between the Elements of the Fabric of the Universe created the illusion of Time.

But this was not a simple, monotonic causality. It was much more fine grained. And for the lack of a better word lets say that Non-Linear Aggregate Causality between the Elements of the Fabric of the Universe created the Illusion of Space. Hence this Causality was multi-attributed or multi-dimensional.

But if we were GODs and had to implement the Universe it would be computationally infeasible to implement it “unless” we created a Causality Memory. Every Element in the Fabric of the Universe which Effects other Elements of the Universe keeps a Memory of the last window of such interactions and the id’s of the elements it has been involved in. And using this Memory GOD can very efficiently implement this Universe. We use such windowing schemes especially in image processing, vision algorithms etc. and we know it is extremely useful and efficient.

So we basically have the following…

- Causality + Fundamental Fabric Execution Delay Creates Time.
- Monotonic Causality Creates Distance.
- Multiple Causality Types create Aggregate Non-Linear Causalities hence creating Space.
- Also Conditional Causality creates Non-Determinism. Which is the underlying mechanism in which the universe functions.
- Causality Memory of the Fabric Elements results in a computationally efficient implementation of the execution of the “fabric” of the Universe.

It seems arrogant and ignorant to assume that the speed of light has anything to do with all this. And to assume that the speed of light is a universal constant governing the implementation of the fabric of the universe. Light and speed of light is an effect of the fabric of the universe. And not the other way around. The universe doesn’t use light or the speed of light in its internal implementation of the universe to implement causality. We have to make a distinction between this universe created by the execution of the fabric and wrongly assuming that the creations within the universe having a reverse bearing on the fabric of the universe itself.

It would be interesting to note that we as a creation within this universe don’t impact time. And cannot reverse time or space. But we might be able to exploit the properties of time and space for our benefit. Also it is highly improbable that the higher order effects of the fabric will be exactly the same everywhere across the universe. It would be very boring for GOD that way. And also it would be really uninteresting for the Creator to have 100% determinism in the fabric.

GOD plays dice and thats probably the only thing he does which is relevant to us. The way non-determinism in the fabric translates to pseudo-determinism at the higher orders of effects in this Universe is what this entire creation is all about. Which Automatski refers to as the Non-Deterministic Calculus.

We were this close to understanding this in 1900’s this time. The earliest last time we understood this was probably 30000 years ago. We understood it again finally in 1990's.

I think this explains entanglement, woodoo, mother-child-psychic-connection-at-a-distance etc. To exemplify “Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are [[[generated, interact, or share spatial proximity]]] in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the other(s), even when the particles are separated by a large distance.” We can also understand why fathers never have a psychic connection at a distance with their offspring's.

Also, it is very easy to see by virtue of this one single principle of implementation of the fabric of the universe i.e. Causality Memory Window of Fabric’s Entities, that this world is a simulation. Though if you are in a simulation the simulation itself is the reality, unless you can get out of it and experience the ‘real’ reality and differentiate it from the simulation. Phew! that was complicated.

The universe now seems very simple. Its just that we have been exploring explanations on wrong paths which lead to dead ends.

In 1990’s Automatski unravelled the biggest and the deepest secrets of the universe around us comprehensively. Join us in our journey to define the next millennium of human existence.

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