Yadav’s Lectures on Physics, Space, Time and This Universe — Lecture Two— Time is NOT Reversible

Aditya Yadav
Mar 25 · 4 min read

Contrary to what you may have heard and believe. We do understand that you all are under the influence of overwhelming nonsensical maths and physics which prevent you from understanding the mistakes in theory and practice and understanding the reality of the universe for yourself.

We should always remember our history…

By early 20th century all our sub-theories of physics had taken their final shape. There have been no major breakthroughs in Theoretical Physics after that. Life is tough as a Physicist. You crave for the discovery of a lifetime to leave behind your mark on the human race, yet even after spending a lifetime you have literally nothing you have accomplished of any reasonable consequence.

Combined with the fact that every statement from every person or organisation or community reflects its vested interests. Someone wants to run his business, some their fiefdom and some want to continue getting their research grants.

Even though Scientists and Academics are “normally” considered the most rational and critical thinkers of the general populace. The reality is that Science Progresses One Funeral At A Time. When powerful incumbents who do everything in their power and ability to suppress new ideas and thoughts from succeeding as long as they are alive, die and go away.

Time is not a dimension which has movement possible in two directions. The best definition of Time is “a fundamental relative delay in the fabric of the universe”

When someone creates an equation with a time variable in it, he simply subsumes the assumption that the variable can be positive or negative. At the end of the theory, formulations and infinite juggling of equations when then someone tries to switch the sign on the time variable from positive to negative, he instantaneously jumps up and claims we can go back in time, at-least in theory, as per his theory. This process is what we call a self confirming bias.

The universe will not change and behave according to any and all bullshit theories one creates. Theories are a partial and approximate model of the realities of the universe we live in. No one theory is perfect, unless we actually and magically end up finding the secret algorithm on which the universe is based. Hence only multi-model thinkers and multi-theorists will come the closest to reality. But alas, we have only one model of universe in our science and technology. Actually we have multiple separate models at various levels of abstraction of the universe. And we are desperately trying to link them together into a Unified Field Theory. We have killed all other possible alternate theories and explanations in the bud centuries ago.

Lets say there are 2²⁵⁰ entities in the fabric of the universe, for the lack of a better number. If at every time step of the universe each entity could do only one thing next. Then the entire universe would be very deterministic. In reality each entity can do billions of things. But for simplicity lets say it chooses between two options at each time step. So the total number of possible aggregate outcomes is 2 ^ 2 ^ 250. The universe then performs googol’s of such in-deterministic steps per human second to give rise to this universe.

Now if we somehow had absolute control over this universe. And we could figure out the exact path of evolution of the universe. We could theoretically reverse time.

But for it to happen spontaneously it would take 1:2 ^ 2 ^ 250 of luck. And to reverse one second of universe evolution we would need luck equivalent to something like 1:2 ^ 2 ^ 250 ^ googol

This is besides the fact that the fabric of the universe has a finite though extremely small delay in execution at each step.

Hence as far as we are concerned, we can safely and conclusively say that time is not reversible in a non-deterministic universe.

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