The Dynamic Programming language: Python

In this blog I will discuss about the importance of the intrend programming language Python and learn about the resourses from where u can learn it. Not only this we will also discuss its future applications.

What is Python ?

Python is a programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Unlike other languages such as Java,C etc. Its main advantage is that it makes the code more readable and understandable with the help of whitespace indentation which is specific to python. And only due to this fact the language has grown so much in such a less amount of time and is gradually becoming every coders first choice.

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What are its benefits?

Python is the most demanding programming language and is full of benefits whether it be syntax,readability,Amazing libraries and what not. Some of the benefits of python are listed below:

  1. Syntax and Readability: Python has very easy to understand syntax as compared to other languages. A code in python takes much less lines of code and reduces the programmers efforts on unwanted symbols and styles. As a result a python program is much more readable even from a common person’s view.
  2. Standard libraries: Python provides many libraries which helps in the areas like string slicing, web development tools, protocols and mainly many complex programs are predefined and can be directly used by the programer which saves both time and energy.
  3. Dynamic language: Python is dynamic language unlike C,C#,Java etc which means we don't have to explicitly define the Datatype of variables used in the program,it automatically assigns them it during its runtime. It reduces almost 10% of the programs complexity.
  4. Demand among companies: The big tech giants nowadays prefer python over others because of its features and fewer programming codes. Hence python gives an edge in job interviews where the main factor is speed and no language can defaet python in that domain.
  5. Open Source Tech: Yeh u heard it right python is an open source software and anyone can give his/her input in its development and modification. Not only this being open source makes it cheap and easily accessible with a wide scope for its technological development.

Where and How to learn:

Python is indeed very easy to learn the only pre-requirement is that you should have some good logical and analytical skills.

Resources: Regarding the resources to learn python:-

  1. One can always start from watching some good introductory videos from youtube believe me u will find N number of python channels there.
  2. One can always learn a basic course on python programming from some eminent coding institutes such as Coding Blocks or Coding Ninjas.
  3. One can also learn from some good book such as :

i) Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python with Applications to Understand Data by John V Guttag.

Competitions and Experience: The best way to learn python is through practice and taking parts in various online and offline competitions which will not only give u an experience in the competitive world but will also help u to strengthen your technical resume which will come in handly to grab a good job.Some competitive platforms are: HackerRank ,CodeChef ,TopCoder ,CodeWars ,CodeForces.

Future Scopes:

One of the major reason to choose python instead of other languages is its applications in the more advance sectors of Computer Science such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning ,Artificial intelligence and most importantly Data Science which are the some of the infamous research fields of the Computer World.

Python is great to use in these fields due to its huge set of libraries such as numpy and scipy which are heavily used for computeristic linear algebra.Also its helps in loading and playing around with data, transforming data to numerical matrices, visualising the data and what not. As a result it acts as the backbone of modern technologies and futuristic development.

Hence according to me python is a great language to start with and will always give U a upperhand in this competitive coding world.