FIFA World Cup 2018

The 2018 FIFA world cup was very much surprising to all the football fans. If you are one then you know what I mean. I was supporting Portugal, because I am a Cristiano Ronaldo and a Real Madrid fan. It was a heart breaking when I got the news that Ronaldo left Real Madrid. This world cup had a very odd start as Italy didn’t even qualified for it and Germany couldn’t even qualify for the knock-outs.



When I came to know about the match between Portugal and Spain, I got very sad because both of the team are my favourite, but the match ended in a draw which was a million dollar news for me. Ronaldo scored a hattrick. The free kick which Ronaldo scored a goal through was awesome. Both teams got one-one point for the draw. Both the teams qualified for the knock-out stages which was satisfying news for me.

Portugal knocked-out


First goal from Uruguay made me a bit tense , but it too goal equalised by Pepe which made me some relaxed and still kept my believe on Portugal to win this match , but when Edinson Cavani scored the winning goal against Portugal , that moment I felt very depressed and imagined if I could rewind it and help Portugal in any way. I know it seems funny but i really want to do that.

My next strategy

After Portugal got knocked I started supporting Spain it too got knocked, then Brazil and Argentina but they too. The only team left was Croatia for which I was hoping to win.



The match started and I was supporting Croatia in this battle against France. But may be this time it wasn’t Croatia’s time, but the match was an interesting one because Croatia went this much far for the first time which claimed this small country a great respect. France won the match by 4–2 and I think they deserved it.

Now very much exited about the next FIFA world cup.