Trap of an Illusion. Beware!

I was probably 14 years old when I was first introduced to the digital realm of Facebook. The social media platform was highly tempting that I couldn’t resist to register my first account on it. My quest for likes made me to upload selfie clicked by my Nokia C-101. But I could hardly manage to get one or two likes. So I started liking my own pictures and made few fake accounts and started liking my pictures from those accounts and started commenting as well just to gain some brownie points. All this effort was made just to match up to the popularity of some really commendable guys. But all this was done out of childish competence where you want to defeat your peers. Obviously, somebody of 47 years of age will not do it, especially when such a person is a public figure and aspire to be a Prime Minister, no matter how distant dream it is. But Baba seems to prove me wrong.

But Rahul baba according to Sheila Dixit is still learning so we can still consider it. But this is not something like “last morning I woke in the middle of the night” or a promise of “installing a potato factory”, here you are trying to creating a fake popularity by the means of bots in the hope of turning political odds in your favour.

Basically, bots are nothing but software application which can perform various activities for you automatically. It can help you in booking tickets, ordering an online product, grabbing a deal in a flash online sale and most importantly if you’re struggling to gain any popularity it can also help you in increasing it on social media platform like Twitter.

And not just Rahul baba, in fact, there are many politicians, superstars, and celebrities are using bots to increase the number of followers they have and create a fake popularity and false narrative.

But there’s even a bigger problem.

I mean, if bots can be used by individuals to pull off fake popularity then it can also be used by e-commerce websites and their seller to create fake popularity for their product.
Big sellers in association with the merchant can use bots to increase the rating of the product and post exciting awesome reviews for their products. This will make an illusion in front of their buyers as if the product is popular and works pretty good.

Before you start judging this as a conspiracy theory let me say this, this creation of illusion in the capitalistic and industrial world is not far from the truth. There are lots of examples in the current market where big enterprises put an illusion of choice in front of their customers.

One such example is VIVO, OPPO, OnePlus. Let me explain this.

Ever heard of BBK electronics? Probably not. What BBK has to do with the three brands mentioned above.

BBK is a Chinese multinational company which makes smartphones. Hardly anyone knows that OPPO, VIVO, and OnePlus is subsidiaries products of BBK.

Why are they making mobile phones with the same configuration, same chipsets, same semiconductors, same UI and other materials but under the different brand name? This cheap business trick is just to create an illusion of choice, where a buyer feels as if he has three different choices among VIVO, OPPO and OnePlus but ultimately ends of buying the same product with different packaging.

This is how the cheap Chinese industries work by fooling the people.

It is not wrong to say that a fabricated manufactured movie is running in front of us just to make us feels everything is under our control. Your college, your school, and your office pretend as if they ask only enough which is required but the truth is they all are an Authoritarian regime using you for their self-interest and playing on your fear of missing out and your insecurity. You aren’t permitted to raise questions after a certain limit and if you dare to do it, it will be considered as blasphemous. And the worst part is that you help them in achieving their goal.

Moving on.

The very same illusion resides in media and entertainment industries.

There’s an old saying: Literature is a reflection of society.

But the way null and technological advancement have touched us I have improvised this wise saying into Literature and Cinema should be the reflection of society.
But tell me honestly when was the last time you collided with somebody in your college corridor and fell in love.

I mean I’m wondering whether the filmmakers take the real-life situation and portray it on the screen or we behave the way the artist tends to behave on screen. This one is little difficult to explain.

Let’s come to the media and news website.
In a normal case, a news agency must be neutral and should only work as a source of information. Nothing short or more than this.

But in a practical case in order to establish a News firm, you need funding and anyone who funds you is generally not apolitical. So, whom so ever you choose as your fundraiser (if you are lucky enough to have choices while looking for an investor) you probably cannot bash people of his political ideology.

Gauri Lankesh was murdered, one faction of media was out there for her support and by the end of two days, everyone knew who Gauri Lankesh was. But let me ask you.

Ever heard of Prashant Pujari? No? Let me tell you why?

Because he had a quite different political ideology in contrary to Lankesh. Hence, the same designer media faction won’t show it.

When it comes to common people, especially Indians we people are expert at acting, though we fail to make good movies.

Why do we need to smile and makes it look as if we’re happy when we’re not?

Why do we need to entertain someone who denigrates us?

Why don’t we say the thing we want to say even when the other person somewhat knows the reality?

Why do we do things which people consider cool not what we want?

Why do we want to buy things which pleases other people more than us?


Because this attitude of pretending things has been hardwired in our brain. We are trained to pretend as if things are normal even when they’re not. We’re trained to act and be part of this illusion.

This whole mechanism had made us ignorant of the truth.

A dialogue from movie fight club sums up the whole story.

We’re consumers, we’re the by-products of a lifestyle obsession. The things we own end up owning us. Murder, crimes, and poverty don’t concern us. What concern us are celebrities, television with 500 channels, some brand name on our underwear.
The first rule of this mayhem (an illusion we’re living in) is that you don’t ask questions.
Advertising has made us chasing cars, clothes and working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like with money we don’t have. We have no great war, no great economic depression. Our war is our mindset of keeping our religious hypothetical stories above other people’s bullshit stories. Our depression is our lives. We all have been raised on televisions to believe that one day we’d all be billionaires, movie stars and rock stars, but we won’t. We are slowly learning that fact, and we’re very, very pissed off by that.