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The next halt for mobile marketers

Of late, or maybe, of ‘some little more time’ late, you must have noticed that suddenly there are plethora of articles/videos/infographics(in short content) that has filled up your timeline on almost all social networking sites.

Ø 22 things you must do before you die

Ø 16 things which show that you are in love with your friend

Ø 11 things which will prove that your boss may fire you anytime

Ø Watch this video of a 5 year old kid which will put you in shame

Ø And the best ones are those which concludes with ‘the end will blow your mind’

So what has forced content generation of such humongous proportion? The very basic of marketing has always been that content is king but what happened all of a sudden? What led to this this change? The answer is very simple-

o Internet penetration is at an all-time high

o Social networking sites are amongst the top sites which see maximum user presence

o Increased smartphone usage

o User involvement with changing socio-economic scenario

With the development of technology and increased competition among service providers, internet has reached the households of almost every urban city. With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, the world has seen the growth of social networking sites. Every second, there is a significant chunk of users on every social networking site. The technology and competition is again a reason of increased smartphone user base. In today’s ‘mobile first’ generation, all players in the industry are focusing on building a mobile strategy for their businesses. The changing socio-economic and political landscape has enthused a major drive among users to be more involved, social networking sites have become a platform for users to discuss and share their views on all the topics in the society.

What’s in for marketers?

Marketers love stats. So here are some:

· 41% of marketers confirm content marketing’s positive ROI

· Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%)

· 95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing

· 44% of B2B content marketers have a documented content strategy

· 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing

· 62% of companies today outsource their content marketing

· Website conversion rate is nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%)

· Buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales

· Social media has overtaken pornography as the NO. 1 activity on the web

· By 2017, online video will make up nearly 70% of consumer Internet traffic

· 87% of B2B marketers are using social media to distribute content

· Mozilla shaved 2.2 seconds of load time off its landing pages and increased download conversions by 15.4%, translating into an additional 60 million downloads each year

· 73% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.

Why can mobile marketers NOT ignore content marketing?

· 1.25 billion of Facebook’s users are “mobile only”

· 115.2 million users of Twitter are active monthly on “mobile”

· 25% of smartphone users aged 18–44 say they can’t recall the last time their smartphone wasn’t next to them

· 62% of emails are opened on mobile

· Global smartphone use will reach 2 billion by the end of this year

· Businesses are paying 122% more per ad unit on Facebook than they did just a year ago

· In today’s news, Facebook has confirmed that it has tied up with nine publishers to deliver instant news on mobile, which means that instead of average eight seconds it took for an article to load on Facebook mobile previously, it will take 10 times less than that.

So it would be really a big misconceived notion if you are not focusing on this aspect of marketing, especially for mobile marketers. Going by the numbers above, there is no doubt that soon content consumption on mobile would surpass desktops. In fact Google had also changed its algorithm last month to focus more on mobile, forcing businesses to develop a mobile compatible version of their website.

To conclude, ask questions among yourselves, ask questions about your business, ask yourself how you can explain to your users that you can make a difference in their lives and tell them through:

Ø 22 ways your life will change

Ø 16 ways you never thought your life can be so simple

Ø 9 ways to make your loved ones happy


Ø You never knew what better you can do with your life. Watch this and the end will “blow your mind” ;)

Should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, feel free to drop in your comments here or connect with me on twitter- @aditya_0911.


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