Mobile App Engagement: The Know hows and To dos

How to drive user engagement on you app.

So now when you have significant number of installs done through paid campaigns and have setup your ASO stuff appropriately, what comes next? One major challenge for every marketer is how to hold customers in your app? What should you do to ensure that your users are motivated enough to open your app often? Here are some tips and tricks which are sure to help you achieve this:

  1. Retargeting: Retargeting helps you get back users who already have your app installed. Two of the best channels to use here are Facebook and Google as you have millions of users at your disposal. Each platform has its own settings which you can use to retarget. For instance, you might want to show your ad to users who have not opened your app in last ‘x’ number of days or who recently used it(active members) or those who have performed/not performed any activity on your app. Deep links are very important to be implemented within your app to drive better results from retargeting.
  2. Push Notifications: Ever seen those little messages that hangs from the top of your phone? Well, that is push notification for you. It is essentially a great way to engage with your users, specifically those who have been inactive for a while. Largely, push notifications are used during an offer or promotional events. For games, they can be used to let users know of any new feature/level/update you've brought to the fore. Mixpanel and Urban Airship are some of the tools you can use to send push notifications. Some tools also allow you to schedule your notifications and even segment your audience based on their usage history. Urban Airship has a pretty easy to understand and manage dashboard which you can use to drive push notifications.
  3. SMS Notifications: Another word for this could be SMS marketing. It is a traditional form of marketing wherein a marketer shoots SMS to a set of user base with relative content. One should ensure to keep a link of the app in the SMS. To save cost, it is imperative to check that the SMS content lies within 160 character limit. Another important step is to get the SMS whitelisted before sending in bulk. You can either use your own user base to send these SMS or can use third party data base as well. Since this form of marketing is pretty old, there are multiple players in the market. A simple search on Google will give you several vendors.
  4. In app cross promotions: In case you have several apps under your umbrella, it is a nice idea to cross promote them within each other. One common misconception with this approach is that marketer tends to think that leading users from one app to other would decrease their user base from the former app. However, if you think of this as a strategy where you are increasing your user base of one app by reducing churn of overall users, this indeed is a must-to-do activity. With app install campaigns running in parallel, you are actually getting more users and less users are leaving your apps which in turn will eventually help you climb rankings on the app stores and drive more organic installs. A perfect win-win situation.
  5. Social Media Marketing: Well, just a mention of this term should have given you an idea of what needs to be done here. With 84% of facebook total users accessing it on mobile, you can simply not ignore this channel. With the rise of twitter and instagram users, this is THE age of social media. You should also ensure that you have a healthy chunk of influencers who can drive your posts. An active social media presence ensures that your users are constantly engaged with your apps. Also, no other channel can provide you user feedback with such ease.
  6. In app user behavior: With proper tracking in place, you should keep a close eye on how the users are behaving in your app. App funneling would give you an idea of user flow and you can accordingly devise strategy on where to put your money in or what needs to be improved in your app. Campaigns with deep links can help you drive user to pages where you see maximum fall happening. If you find any issue on a certain page or are unsure of the reason, social media comes to your rescue here. An active social media presence will help you address user concerns.

Should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, feel free to drop in your comments here or connect with me on twitter- @aditya_0911.

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