Kiip it up Machaao!

Announcing Machaao’s Partnership with Kiip to Launch Reward Program for Cricket Fans
“If you are good at something, never waste your talent for Free.”

So if you are good at playing Cricket and even better at following the Live match score then this 💥cracker of a news is for you! Machaao is partnering with Kiip to launch a Reward Program for Cricket Fans to Follow, Play and Win.

650K+ Users are already following 🏏 Cricket Matches Live on Machaao but now, they get to invite their friends to play Live Prediction Game called “CricMaster Challenge”. A non incentive beta version of CricMaster Challenge was launched in first week of October 2017, and fans are already inviting their friends to play and brag about their cricketing knowledge and skills . The questions for CricMaster Challenge are dynamically generated using an in-house prediction algorithm and what’s working for Machaao is that difference between the right and a wrong answer can be of 1 run or 1 ball or even 1 wicket; this makes even a low scoring match interesting.😉

When asked about Partnering with Kiip, Machaao’s CEO Harshal Dhir said “Cricket is a billion dollar sport, where the boards and the broadcasters are the only ones winning, while the fans who actually drive the sport were getting left out.” He further added “Kiip is a multi million dollar reward platform, which allows Machaao to 🤑incentivise users to apply their Cricketing Knowledge and Skills.” when asked about what’s in it for Machaao he added “This enables Machaao to give a complete second screen experience to the end user, fuels Machaao’s organic growth and forms the base of Machaao’s coin economy.”

When asked, what’s in it for the 🙌cricket fan? Harshal said, “So next time you choose a Cricket Match over your 🤦🏻girlfriend, remember to play & win Machaao’s CricMaster Challenge. Your rewards may get you free couple movie tickets or rewards from any of the 150+ Brands we’ve tied up with.”

To play, CricMaster on Fb Messenger click

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