What are MACHAAO Credits?

MACHAAO Credits Redeemable with 100+ TOP Brands

A special announcement for all the 900K+ MACHAAO users, — “MACHAAO credits earned while playing current FREE version of CricMaster Challenge will be converted to mTiME on the Token Emission Date”

What does this mean?

Moin’s Public Player Profile

Here’s an example, Moin Khan is an avid CricMaster Player and has applied his Cricketing knowledge and awareness skills during a LIVE Cricket match to WIN an astounding 100+ CricMaster Challenges so far!

He has accumulated a grand total of 29627 MACHAAO credits so far, which is visible on his public profile. On the token emission date in Q4 2018,

Moin Khan’s digital crypto wallet will have a balance of 296.27 mTiME.

This makes him eligible to redeem digital or physical rewards on The mTiME Network.

Why is mTiME valuable?

mTiME is the cryptocurrency which will be required to avail services on The MACHAAO Platform currently serving over 900,000+ cricket fans from around the Globe in addition to other partner networks on The mTiME Network.

These mTiME tokens would also be required to participate in the mTiME Global and Peer-to-Peer Reward Challenges.

There will be a maximum of 1,000,000,000 mTiME tokens that will ever be issued, thus making it limited and anything limited or in short supply is considered valuable.

You would be able to use your mTiME tokens to redeem Instant Gifts and other premium services and other virtual powers on the MACHAAO platform.

Interesting? Let’s Continue….

For every 100 MACHAAO credits earned, you will be rewarded with 1 mTiME. Offer available via MACHAAO on Fb Messenger for limited time only.

1 mTiME = 100 MACHAAO Credits

How can I start earning “mTiME”?

If you are not like our friend, Moin Khan and are new to MACHAAO platform, then you can start earning mTiME in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Search “MACHAAO on Facebook Messenger or click here to open MACHAAO inside Messenger.

Step 2: Message “Play” and then either Join any of the available Challenges

Step 3: Or Message “Play” and Start a new Challenge and invite friends to play.

Step 2: Join a Challenge & Step 3: Start a Challenge

Step 4: You have 60 seconds to answer the automatically prompted question during a LIVE match.

Step 5: The winner is selected based on the Time taken to answer an individual question and Accuracy of all questions answered, and is announced as soon as the Live Match ends.

Step 4: Live Question & Step 5: Winner Announcement

Wanna know more?

mTiME Network : White Paper (Coming Soon).

Public Sale would commence soon with a price of $0.25c USD per mTiME.

In case if you wish to enquire or contribute to our vision, you can reach us on our Telegram Channel mTIME_Alerts.

Make the most of your valuable time, Play CricMaster Challenge on MACHAAO and stand a chance to WIN MACHAAO Credits convertible to “mTiME”. To try now click MACHAAO.