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What is a Thread

A Thread is a lightweight Process. Any Process can have multiple Threads running in it.

For example in a web browser, we can have one thread Which will load the User Interface and we can have one more thread which will actually retrive all the data that needs to be displayed in the User Interface.

What is MultiThreading

Multithreading enables us to run Multiple Threads Concurrently.

For example in a web browser, we can have on thread which handles the User Interface and in Parallel we can have one more thread which is fetching the data to be displayed.

So multithreading improves the…

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This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post on GraphQL Basics. Click Here to check out the GraphQL Basics post.

It is necessary to read the GraphQL Basics post to make the best use of this article.

What is a mutation in GraphQL?

Whenever you want to write data back into the server, mutations are used.

How are mutation and query different?

Query is used when you want to read some data from the server. Mutation is used when you want to write data back to the server.

But wait. Can’t I go to the resolver in the query and do a write operation?

Though it is possible to…

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As a part of this article you will be building 2 simple REST apis Using Springboot. This article will give an idea on how to quickly get started with springboot.

So let’s get started 😄


Ensure you have Maven Installed in your system before starting with this article.

You can Install Maven from

Also ensure Maven is set in the PATH so that mvn comands work.

you can verify if maven is installed and can be accessed using the command

mvn -v

Also ensure JAVA_HOME is set.

Project Setup

The first step is to setup your project.

Setting up a Springboot…

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GraphQL is a query language for API’s. It shows what are the different types of data provided by the server and then the client can pick exactly what it wants.

Also in GraphQL you can get multiple server resources in one call rather than making multiple REST API calls.

You can check out for the full list of benefits.

The thing is until you see GraphQL in action, it’s hard to understand the benefits. So let’s get started with using GraphQL.

We will be using GraphQL along with NodeJS in this article.


Install NodeJS from here:

How to use GraphQL with NodeJs

GraphQL can…

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Can HTML, CSS and Javascript really be used to build Desktop Applications?

The answer is yes. 😄

In this Article we will be focussing mainly on how Electron can be used to create desktop applications with Web Technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Electron can be used to build Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also these apps work for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and so on.

Electron combines Chromium and NodeJS into a single runtime. This enables us to run the HTML, CSS and Javascript code as a desktop application.

Electron Forge

If Electron is used directly, then…

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Maven is used very often in the industry and I felt it would be good to cover the basics in this article so that it can be used efficiently. 😄

This article will cover things like maven basics, maven plugins, maven dependencies, and maven build lifecycle.

What is Maven

Maven was created to provide a standard way in which Projects can be built. One of its powerful features is dependency management.

Maven is commonly used for dependency management, but it is not the only thing it is capable of doing.

If you do not know what dependency management means, don’t worry😄. …

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Every developer needs to know a bunch of tools to be effective. cURL in one such tool 😄

In this article I will explain how curl can be used to make HTTP requests.

What is cURL

cURL is basically used to transfer data using Internet Protocols for the given URL.

Curl is a Client side program. In the name cURL, c stands for Client and URL indicates curl works with URL’s.

The curl project has a curl command line and also a libcurl library. In this article we will be focussing on the curl command line.

Curl deals with a bunch of Internet…

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NodeJS is most commonly used with Express framework. Also a bunch of other external libraries are used with NodeJS.

The Reason these frameworks and libraries are used along with NodeJS is to make development much more easier and quicker.

While working on any real project, it is best to use frameworks and libraries wherever needed to enable quicker development 😄

That said, in this post I will be showing how to build Simple REST API’s with NodeJS without using express framework or any other external libraries. This article will use only those functionalities that are provided with NodeJS itself.


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I am not able to commit to the remote repository, let me do a force push.

Let me run rebase on the remote repository, to make the commit history neater.

Let me amend my previous commit which is in the remote repository.

The points mentioned above are some of the things to avoid doing in Git. 😃

In my previous posts I covered Git basics and Git amend and rebase. Click on the links to know more about them.

Git has amazing features and is very helpful for developers. But mistakes still happen while using Git. …

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Ever Spent an entire week to find out where the bug is?

Ever Wondered how this bug was never caught during the development phase?

Then this post will definitely be useful for you 😃

This post will explain how to find the source of a bug in a code, and also about best practises while writing code 😃

What type of bug is that hard to find?

Let’s say that the code has 100000 lines of code.

Now the Code does not throw any error when it’s run. So that’s good 😃. No-one likes errors right?

Now one of your customers reaches out to your development team and says…

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