How to shoot an Araial Panoramic

Over the last two years my web development team at mindmyweb and I have been doing a lot of panaromaic photography I have been involved with developing one the best property portals of Gurgaon - We always knew that we had to be the leader in technology and user experience to set our self apart so I went out of my way to create panoramic images using a drone.

when it comes to Panoramic images the drone does pay seeing airal panoramic really changes perspective some of my favorite pictures can be seen on pickahome on the pages for DLF phase 5 and DLF phase 1 I took these using a phantom 2 drone attached with gimbal that supports a gopro hero 3. You send the drone up and set the go pro to shoot a time laps. once you are at height you need to spin the drone along the x axis stopping after a small turn to let the image be stable. Finally you will get a set of images from which you need to choose the ones that are on the same plane . Use a photo stitching software to put them together and you should get a fish eye 360 . the images used on pickahome to present dlf phase 2 is the final result of stitching 12 images . It is one of the best Arial Panoramic I have ever seen made with such a low budget.

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