Gadisar Lake — Jaisalmer

Hot Trip of Rajasthan — Day #2

Is it the Summers or is Rajasthan always this hot? Will have to figure this out when I come back in the winters because right now it is extremely hot. But traveling from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by car was the best decision we could have taken. It gave us a chance to visit two beautiful temples on the way and we witnessed how the landscape changes when we come closer to Jaisalmer city.

The Road Trip

After completing the Check Out formalities from the hotel in Jodhpur we started at around 10:00 AM. Which was later than what was suggested to us because the temperatures rise pretty quickly in this region. By the time we reached our first stop it was already 12:00 PM and 43 Degree Celcius. But as we were in a comfortable AC car it was not much of a discomfort to only get out at the spots we have decided to visit.

So we had decided to visit two temples which lie on the way to Jaisalmer.

  1. Osian Mata Temple — This temple is situated on a small hill and is a beautiful temple. The temple was built by the Parmar King Upendra for his Kuldevi in the 9th and the 10th century C.E. Located on the hill At such heights the view is beautiful and we witnessed our first sighting of the yellow sands of the desert.
  2. Ram Deora — This is also a small temple located in the town which is also known as Ram Deora. This temple was created by Baba Ramdevji in 1384 CE. This temple receives thousands of devotees every year who walk all the way from their homes in different states. It is said that whatever you wish in this temple comes true which is the cause of such devotion.

After visiting these two temples and enjoying the amazing road trip across two great cities of Rajasthan we arrived in Jaisalmer. Due to the extreme temperatures, and long journey we believed we would be very tired. But because of the impeccable driving skill of our driver and amazing roads we were not tired at all. Just after a rest of an hour or two, we were ready to roll again. So we decided we will cover the lake in Jaisalmer as it would look and feel better in the evening rather than in the morning.

  • Gadisar Lake — This is a small man-made lake in the city of Jaisalmer which was created with the sole purpose of chilling out. As the city is located right at the edge of the desert it gets extremely hot in the summers, so the king of Jaisalmer decided to create a man-made lake which would serve as a place to cool down after a hot day. During that time, this lake was used as a place to bath and relax in the evenings. But now as per the environment laws Govt. has banned the use of the lake for bathing. So the public takes a boat around the lake and relax.

The experience of Jaisalmer so far has been amazing tomorrow we will be visiting the rest of the sights in Jaisalmer and then we will be visiting the world famous sand dunes. Let’s hope the day tomorrow is as cool as it was today.

Originally published at on April 16, 2017.