I fell off the wagon!

So, I fell off the wagon here as you all might have noticed over the past two weeks. I don’t really have a reason as to why that happened other than the fact that it happened. As you know I had been traveling in the deserts of Rajasthan when I made my last post and the trip was about to end. But right before it ended I had reached a point where I was simply exhausted creatively from all the travel, photography, writing in the middle of the night traveling on the train.

It had already been 5 days in hot scorching summers of Rajasthan which were bound take its toll on my body. And toll they took even though physically I was fit and fine but internally I knew I was exhausted. My inner passion, creativity, and motivation were simply drained. I wanted to write continue my streak but didn’t quite feel like it, I wanted to edit more photos but didn’t have the energy or patience to do so.

I know everyone faces such challenges in their life and this is nothing new and I should have simply faced them head on like so many motivational videos talk about. But that is really tough, it is definitely not as easy as they make it sound. I tried to push through but it just didn’t feel right, it felt forced and not natural which is never good for creative pursuits I feel.

“I think that you’ve got to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.”
Thomas Keller

So I thought if my body and mind are telling me to take a break I might as well do it. And that’s why I took a break and now finally I feel much better. And since it is first of May and beginning of a new month I thought let’s try this thing again. So from today onward again I will be writing every day, hopefully with no breaks at all this time for hopefully 30 days.

Let’s see how this plays out this time. But I am curious if you get stuck in a situation like mine where you are mentally and creatively exhausted, what would you do? Would you quit and rest like I did or push through? Leave your replies in the comments below.

Originally published at www.aditya-bharadwaj.com on May 1, 2017.