It is tough!! But there is still hope.

Writing every day is tough! I don’t know why or how but I missed out on writing for two days straight. But that doesn’t stop or worry me anymore because I am not counting my failures, I am counting my small wins.

Here is a list of my small wins over the last year!

  • I began writing.
  • I setup my own blog.
  • I wrote consistently — inconsistently throughout the year.
  • I traveled a lot.
  • I Checked things off my bucket list. — Ride to Ladakh!
  • I learned to be better at photography.
  • I sold a photo on ShutterStock!
  • I rode my motorcycle almost 12000 KM last year!
  • I created a personal brand.
  • I took risks that I never thought I could take.

All these achievements are going to compound eventually and then the few days of writing that I missed won’t matter anymore! So why should I worry myself about not being consistent in my writing.

And I know all these achievements and milestones of 2017 will help me take my career and life in a direction that I wish to go in.

What are the small wins that you garnered throughout the year? This is the perfect time to reflect back and see what you have achieved!

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