Nokia will Rise again

The newly appointed Chief Marketing officer made this statement to CNET when the news broke. And to be honest I never doubted the fact that Nokia will rise again maybe not today but soon. Because of the values that Nokia consistently delivered to the world, even if they would not have revived as a company then they would have been incorporated as the torch bearer of the smartphone era and placed in Museums around the world.

I have heard somewhere that whoever you are, whatever work you do one thing that transcends time is your work. Whether you make plastic kitchen ware or the best phones in the world, your work will stay and be remembered. And Nokia provided the world with such technological advancements in terms of mobile phones that they can never be forgotten.

So as soon as i heard that the company is going to be revived again, i was glad that this would mean the start of new era yet again. But for this they will have to give it their all, they have to bring out the best of their abilities to beat the current market leaders. They will have to show them who is the boss, and i am confident that they will achieve this is style.

And we will watch as the history is made.