What Photography means to me?

Most people don’t know but I had a passion for photography ever since I was a little kid. My parents used to have a Kodak Film camera which we still have and used to take family photos when we went on vacations or on special occasions. It had to be a special occasion when this camera was brought out because processing images from Negatives used to be a time-consuming and costly affair. We had to go to a local photo studio who used to charge a lot for developing the negatives.

Hiding behind the Camera

But whenever this camera used to come out I was the happiest not because my photo will be taken but because I used to get a chance to take a photo. Even as a kid I hated it when people took my photo which is quite evident from my childhood photos. I will always be found as a kid who has been forcefully asked to sit with a straight face so that the photo can be taken. But taking a photo was a different thing altogether because that involved me holding that beautiful camera.

Even then I was a tech enthusiast I loved looking at cool and new technology and that camera was a mystery to me. And I loved handling that thing in my hand, looking through the eye-piece, making sure everyone was within the little box and then click the image. After that one had to remember to rotate the dial to make sure the next negative came in the chamber for the new shot. This entire process was simply fascinating for me and I loved it.

But due to its hefty price and delicate construction I was given a very limited access to it. And hence I never actually got to learn much about it but the seed of photography had been planted in me. Which was sooner or later going to blossom and it did blossom it did. This seed had been budding in my subconscious for over a decade and one day in college a friend of mine came to me and said he is planning to attend a 2-day photography workshop it took me a split second to say yes to him.

A golden opportunity

Just like that within no time we registered and attended the workshop over the weekend. This was one of the best decisions I had ever taken. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons the instructor gave us, he taught how exactly a camera works. He told us the correct phrase for taking a photograph is not taking a photograph but is “Making a Photograph”. There is a nice technical reason for this which I am not getting into here. But it blew my mind, all the information I received simply blew air on the budding fire in my heart.

So as soon as I was able to afford a DSLR (Canon 1200D Dual Lens kit) I got one and never looked back. Initially, I just thought of myself as just as a hobbyist and simply enjoyed the process of making photographs. But after two years of making photographs on trips and family occasions, I realized how much I loved this process. So I thought why not share this passion of mine with the world.

Initially, I thought photography as just a hobby and simply enjoyed the process of making photographs. I took my camera everywhere I traveled, to every family occasion and made beautiful photos. But after two years of making photographs on trips and family occasions, I realized how much I loved this process. So I thought why not share this passion of mine with the world.

Sharing my passion with the world

This was the beginning of my Instagram feed, I started sharing photos once or twice there. But never took it seriously until some amazing photographers and travelers popped up into my feed. And I realized that they share their photos every single day, so I decided I will do the same. I started sharing 1 or 2 images every day and the response I received was unbelievable.

And all this story brings me back to the main point which is What photography means to me?

Photography is my passion which I enjoy the most, it is something which gives me purpose and sense of belonging. It lets me express my creativity and share it with the world. Photography is the closest to my heart and I simply love it.

What is your passion and what does it mean to you?

Originally published at www.aditya-bharadwaj.com on April 11, 2017.