Think hard lady! You sure need to figure out what a business is. :P

In the last post, I talked about the different excuses we give ourselves as to why we can’t start a business.

Once you decide to stop giving all those excuses and roll up your sleeves with determination, another question might come to your mind. “I really want to start a business, but where exactly do I begin?” Good question! A good start would be knowing what a business is.

What is a business and how do I use this course to start one?

So, what is a business?

Josh Kaufman, the author of The Personal MBA, says that every successful…

Let’s bust the myths associated with Entrepreneurship. Image Credit: EduSpire.

In the last post, I talked about the teaching method we use to teach Entrepreneurship. In this post, we put it to action. Without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

Busting the myths about Entrepreneurship, one at a time

If you don’t live inside a cave, you must have noticed that the startup wave has picked up in India. There are so many startup events, accelerators, incubators, investors and entrepreneurs you get to see these days. I won’t comment on the credibility of all of them. But one thing is certain. People in India, especially the youth, have…

Designing the educational experience for teaching Entrepreneurship. Image Credit: Kofkin Bond & Co.

As promised in the last post, I am back! In this post, I will talk about designing the educational experience for a school student eager to learn about Entrepreneurship.

You all must have heard ongoing debates about which form of education is the best. The MOST COMMON debate I have witnessed on this topic is the one on “Online v/s Offline Education”. Many people feel that online education is reducing kids’ ability to think. But there are many other people who feel that the current model of offline school education restricts learning within the four walls of the classroom.


Whenever I talk to educators or parents about teaching Entrepreneurship to school students, the #1 QUESTION that I get is,

“Aren’t they too young for all this?”

“Aren’t they too young for all this?” Image Credit: The Telegraph UK

I understand. Teaching Entrepreneurship to school students is a substantial investment of time and effort. So it is natural to have questions before taking it up. That is why I have decided to start off this publication with a detailed answer to this question.

The years of middle and high school, when students are aged 12–18 years, are the most formative years of their lives. It is this period during which they form…

In this post, we will have a look at Salman Khan’s viewpoint on this. No! Not the man who plays Prem on screen. Here, we are talking about the founder of Khan Academy. The man who feels that if the result of putting x = π in the Euler’s formula does not blow your mind, then you have no emotion.

The beginning of Khan Academy

Due to distance barriers with his cousins, Sal (as he is fondly called) started putting his Maths tutorials on YouTube for his younger cousins. As he says, after he put the videos on YouTube, many interesting things happened. …

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