The Devil Called Depression

This isn’t a flame post I’m asking you to share, but I do like to ask for your undivided attention for two minutes:

Ernest Hemingway was a soldier who survived the trenches and horrors of World War I, came back, travelled the world, almost got himself killed twice in airplane crashes back in Africa, won the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Ludwig Boltzmann was a physicist, who was one of the pioneers in the field of Statistical Mechanics. A brilliant physicist to say the least.

René Favaloro, the cardiologist who improved the by-pass method of surgery to it’s current form, saving millions of lives in the process.

Vincent Van Gogh, a post-impressionist painter of avant-garde talent.

Slyvia Plath, a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist

And many more — Olympic athletes, boxers, actors and actresses, writers, doctors, heads of state etc. Winners of every kind, in every field imaginable. But, do you know why I’m compiling this list?

They all have committed suicide. Every last one of them. They being the best of human civilization, the crème de la crème, the over-achievers that they are, finally succumbed to an invisible, but “oft-summoned” devil (because it is almost always abetment to commit the act, by use of words, actions and coercive methods ) called depression.

I appeal to you and everyone else I may know, to kindly sensitize yourself and others around you, to what depression is and in so doing learn how it may be overcome. You don’t need to offer professional advice. At best, all you will have to do is just be there for them. Just lend an ear and a helping hand. Assure them that there is always someone there to listen and care.