At Gojek, I have been playing around with kubernetes for a few months now. Spending more and more time with its command line interface — kubectl

This post talks about extending kubectl with few of the plugins that have been useful to me in day to day debugging/maintaining things on k8s.

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Note: I am using zsh, so some of them are ohmyzsh plugins

Lets go through them!

ohmyzsh kubectl

This plugins provides aliases for common kubectl commands. You can get complete list of aliases here — kubectl-aliases

Few examples

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by Aditya Chowdhry []

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Initial people, their habits and code have a dominant effect on the things that finally turnout for a startup and that too for a considerable amount of time.

Initial stage startups have the pressure to ship out product and new features ASAP which in turns affect the overall tech quality. Contrary to this aggressive focus on quality, may affect your startups business.

As your startup grows, the tech also evolves accordingly. …

mentorship guidance computer science programming

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This is for students/professionals who are looking to make a career in programming/computer-science/software-development and have questions like -

..etc Or any other questions. I’ll be happy to answer these questions and guide/mentor with the best of my capacity. If not I’ll try to connect you with relevant people in the field.

Why I am doing this?

In India, lakhs of engineers graduate every year and only a handful of engineers secure…

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I recently started to develop a habit of reading regularly. Though failing miserably in the process, I came across some content that connected with me and motivated me to keep trying.

Usually, I forget things that I read but this time to make it persist somehow I thought of documenting it. Thus, this series of posts is an attempt to collate thoughts, blogs and books that connected with me at some level. These are not recommendations but highlights of things that connected with me.

First things first — Why?

A few days back one of my senior asked me “Why do you want to…

By Aditya Chowdhry

TL;DR: This post aims at describing the architectural changes we did in the implementation of Redis for caching at infrastructure and code level over a period of time due to scale and use-cases.

First phase

When we first started we had only one instance of Redis on a server having 7GB of RAM. Only a few of our API’s at that time used Redis for caching. On one of our marketing heavy day, we got a notification that our Redis server crashed.

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Other teams reaction

During debugging we realised that the Redis memory usage went up to 70%-80% and crashed on a…

Aditya Chowdhry

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