60 Days Of Flutter : Building a Messenger from Scratch

Photo: Getty Images/ Kiyoshi Hijiki

What Am I Building

  • Peer to peer chat
  • Attachments
  • Registration using GoogleAuth
  • Emoji support
  • Voice messages
  • Media bookmarks/Custom categories
  • Profile
  • Gesture-based navigation
  • Privacy settings
  • Search
  • Personal/shareable cloud storage for messages and media
  • Double tap to save media to gallery

Mock Designs

Mock designs for some key pages

How Will I Go About It

What I’ll Use

  • Flutter ( Do I even need to mention that?)
  • Firebase Firestore for database
  • Firebase Auth for authentication
  • Firebase Cloud Storage for hosting images

How Can You Contribute?

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Android. Flutter. Likes traveling.

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Aditya Gurjar

Aditya Gurjar

Android. Flutter. Likes traveling.

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