Good Design Isn’t Enough!

This knocked the air out of me when I realised this. Being a good designer isn't enough. I wanted to be an amazing designer and wanted to for the things I create, but I quickly realised that it’s not enough.

What makes a design good is when it provides value. A design is good when it’s simple enough to understand and simple enough to look beautiful.

It was surprising to enter reality and find out that nobody gives a flying f*ck about colours, or typography, or experimental layouts, or mood boards. Every client who walks in through your door is standing there because he wants to look better than his competition.

What I’ve learnt is that, the better we understand the client’s business and marketing goals, the better it is for us to create what they need. I often have long conversations about their business and their strategy so that I can understand how my designs will be used.

Most clients have no clue about the impact we can have on their business. When you talk to the client, you’ll discover so many avenues where you can help them out, wether its setting up their email marketing strategy via MailChimp, building them a lead generation sales system, Designing a brand guide for future use etc etc.

So this year on I’m going to be more than a designer. I’m going to be a design partner, someone who has a fundamental impact on the client’s business.

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I’m Aditya Golechha, an Independent Digital Designer