Guide to Prototyping Apps

Here’s too all you designers and coders and dreamers trying to create and build apps and businesses.

Though I’m no millionaire I’ve had a certain experience with website and app prototyping.

What is a Prototype?

A Prototype is basically a batch of images linked together to perform as if a real app would. It is basically a testing mode among developers to evaluate market feedback.

A Prototype can either be drawn on paper or can be designed professionally on Photoshop , Illustrator or other designing softwares.

Prototypes are very user friendly as they require no coding knowledge on the part of the designer/developer and is very easily understood by the market because of it simple and limited functionality.

How to make a Prototype?

Well there are various ways to create a Prototype.


Prototypes can be hand-drawn and their picture can be taken via a prototyping app later and can be converted into a simple and efficient prototype.


Here in the above picture , Photoshop has been used to create a prototype.

Using designing softwares is more effective as you can have an exact width and height of the prototype catered to your smartphone and looks proportionate.Furthermore it can be easily edited for some quick changes to the design or the usage of the prototype.

How can i Prototype?

Thanks to the Intenet, there are various mediums you can use to make simple Prototypes.

I would recommend Marvel-app. Its very simple , its very user-friendly and it has a companion mobile app so all your desktop uploads can be easily accessed in the mobile app.

If you are drawing your prototype i would recommend POP.Its amazing for hand-sketched prototypes and makes it very easy to link various sketches together. Perfect for Instant brainstorming sessions with your friends.

Next here are some rather famous services which will help you prototype with some added functionalities.




I Hope you guys had a good time reading this article!

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