Human Capital vs Artificial Intelligence

By Aditya

The fear of machines taking over has been debated for centuries- through the medium of the fictional and facts genre. There is hardly a bridge between the two. In the Terminator franchise, we see how machines or robots will be sentient enough to perceive their makers as a threat.

As time and technology have progressed, the endeavor is not only to produce machines that can do work 1000 times faster than humans but they are trying to add features like problem solving, decision-making, curiosity and deviating from the path as well. It is about putting emotion in an otherwise empty hollow metallic creature- or simply called as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

For such situations, there will always be two schools of thought- one which feels that excessive use of machines shrinks our otherwise organised brain which functions faster than any AI. The other school of thought will argue that by letting the AI do the menial work, we can use our natural CPU for other work- where the AI might be conflicted.

A neutral observer would simply point out that machines were created for the benefit of humans; it is an aid- from the wheel, printing press to the telephone, the telegram, mobile phone and computers fax machines etc. Just as it inherent for humans to improve as one grows up but we are not flawless so our creation will suffer from the same.

There has been a sudden rush to yearn for a machine less world but those who advocate such ideas, for them machines include only mobile phones and computers but this is obviously a misconception on their part. If we were to exclude all machinery from our existence- that would have to include- the pen, the paper, essentially every stationary item, our shoes, clothing, shelter but then even nomads had some sense of technology when they indigenously made swords and arrows from whatever they could collect. In the end everything we use is technology and we should not be myopic about the same. The Digital- Analogue rivalry is just the tip of the misconception. If we feel that paper files are creating a mess, then just digital uploading is not enough. If we cannot organise on our tables, that infliction will carry to the computer as well.

The saying that humans are social animals is contradictory. We cannot be in a community yet display animal or uncivilized behaviour at the same time. One does not have to fear technology as they were meant to do aid us and engage in menial work. If it is artificial it cannot be intelligence as we see two contradictory terms come together. Everything digital has been borrowed from the analogue- people still wear a wristwatch despite the time being displayed on the phone so this fear will extinguish quickly. The Commuter does not make up data, it only computes it, stores it. These debates just let our emotions and nostalgia about ‘certain simple years’ fly high even when unnecessary.