Logan, starring Hugh Jackman with supporting roles by Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen is not a typical X-MEN action packed flick but it is one about relationships and development of characters which makes the movie phenomenal, fantastic and everything that is a fitting tribute to Charles and Logan.

It might feel slow at some moments but that is exactly what the makers were looking for- character development and emotional empowerment in one Oscar- worthy performance by Hugh Jackman

There are no flashbacks, no reminisces about his past life. There is an effort to get away from that part of his life for Logan. In the initial part of the movie, one sees Logan trying to be normal, away from his wolverine alter ego. He is a cab driver who earns for a living helping his former mentor and the now ailing Charles. Both Logan and Charles , now old and weakened live on the outskirts of the city . While the entire focus was supposed to be on ‘Logan’, one can but appreciate Charles’ (Patrick Stewart) role who is no more the Professor X who could persuade people to join the good side.

In fact, this wasn’t about X-men or their missions and their alter egos but the characters actually being themselves. The writers, directors have done well not to have any connection with past experiences or regrets. There is also Laura, played by Dafne Keen whose appearance does seem to change the plot of the movie. As one knows, Logan became Wolverine when as a part of a secret project, his body was lined with metal which made him immune to bullets and self healing. The appearance of Laura is a mysterious one, who we later learn is Logan’s daughter and is looking for a safe haven (THE EDEN) with her friends. There are instances where Logan dispels the X-Men as no more than selfish and mythical characters.

This movie is all about emotions, character driven, relationships, the one between Laura and Logan and how Logan’s usually stoic self melts when he sees the video about children being transformed into mutants. The violence in the movie is muffled and comes only when called for(helps the story to propel at the right points) but is secondary to all other aspects in the film. Yes, the Wolverine hacks, claws with heads being ripped off, guts flying all over.

One gets emotional when the character of Charles is killed, indicating Stewart’s parting with the series and how the teary eyed Logan gets on losing his mentor as the audience also would get involved

The final act of the movie is where it all comes together. We see Logan being taken care of by Laura and her friends, how he continues to fight and brings out his most aggressive self when fending off the bad ones. It is a fitting tribute to a character who never really was a superhero in the conventional sense, one who never really felt part of the X-Men but continued his journey with them nevertheless. One never sees this character shed tear, show any regret throughout the entire franchise.

By Aditya

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