Lost in Love, Found the Devil

Grateful I am today for the words I’ve heard,
 Through a moment of deep introspection inside, 
 This is a story that nowhere can be found, 
 As no books can condense the wisdom abound
 In the instances that life throws from around, 
 And helps us get lost and then, be found.

So, let me start when I was lost inside,
 That “why not me but my heart senses the good outside,
 As I stand struggling to chain the demons inside, 
 This heart beckons me to see the angels alongside.

To me, this heart seems a creature of it’s own,
 Daring to look past the darkness around. 
 I cannot fathom the strength it must have, 
 For my eyes have strained for the light around, 
 And seen nothing but darkness around.

What is this darkness that I feel today, 
 Pain and suffering of loss, it is 
 For my love, has breathed her last today, 
 And in leaving, wrenched my body and soul apart. 
 Left me stranded in lands unknown, 
 With devils and ghouls all abound.

Where will I go?
 How will I escape?
 I am left with no answers around.

Trembling and jittering with fear again, 
 My body is weak in this cast of pain. 
 Longing it is for the home unseen, 
 Craving it is for the love again. “

Lost it all seemed till that moment, 
 That fateful moment, which turned all around, 
 Listen to what happened as it happened then,
 Of who told me the answers that I found. 
 I hope you like this author by now,
 Though a bit pretentious may he sound.

“Wait, oh wait, I hear a sound, 
 It’s the dragging scythe of Death around, 
 Its metal tip dragged on the quiet earth, 
 Leaving souls running amok around. 
 It comes behind me, breathes a sound, 
 Telling me, my time has come around.

“Your time in this arena is up, dear, 
 And here onwards, you shall be unbound! “ “

Said that gentle voice of one, 
 Which surprised me to turn around. 
 I saw the face of Death as it stood,
 And amused I was by what I found.

It wasn’t the demonic face, that looked at me, 
 But the face of one I loved and lost. 
 It asked, not for me to stop living, 
 But not to give up on this hope and dreaming.

Dreams, which I had woven with love intact, 
 For a future that lies shattered, in fact
 It asked oh so gently for a promise alongside, 
 That nothing will burn away the hope inside.

Protect I must, this hope now, 
 For Death then left me with a message too, 
 To meet again on That fateful day, 
 If I promise to do as he shall say, 
 But I shall let those words as a mystery, stay, 
 For a visit paid by death comes with a huge pay, 
 And this hearty, soulful poem shall weigh, 
 By all the secrecy, it attempts to convey.

Instances like these are once-in-a-lifetime events, 
 And through one such I’ve had my answers found, 
 I thank you for your patience, dear friend,
 And I hope you like this author’s sound.

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