My first 48 hours with the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree

As an infrequent writer on Quora and commentator on innumerable social media pages I had always been interested in understanding the manner in which various web platforms track and analyze our “posts”.

But there wasn’t any centralized repository of knowledge which could get me up and running with Digital Marketing , until Udacity launched their Digital Marketing Nanodegree [DMND] …

Here’s my review of the same after working my way through 2 sections & projects of the DMND :

1.The instructors : All instructors for the DMND possess significant industry experience and come from some of the most recognized educational institutions of Silicon Valley . The delivery of content is top notch and the lectures are short and crisp .

2.Reinforcement of learning : All lessons are concluded with a short quiz which tests one’s comprehension of the content . 
Each section of the Nanodegree is followed by a hands-on project which involves curating content and running campaigns of our own.

3.Strong industry tie-ups : This program is offered in collaboration with Facebook , Google, Hootsuite , HubSpot , mailChimp and Moz. In my local market [India] , the hiring partners are Zomato , PayTM , Tapzo , instamojo and Zoomcar.

4.Assessment and feedback system: All project submissions are reviewed within 72 hours . The reviewers provide constructive critiques of all submissions , including many tips for improvement and suggesting various approaches to deconstruct a given problem.

5.Student body : Individuals spread across the world come together on Facebook/LinkedIn groups & Slack channels to address each other’s queries .
The Udacity staff and students are always available for answering all problems.

6.Coursework : So far I’ve picked up the basics of content creation , content dissemination , usage of industry standard tools to manage social media channels , scheduling of content delivery across multiple channels like Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Youtube.

Future lessons include Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing with Adwords,Display Advertising,Email Marketing & measurement and optimization using Google Analytics.

This nanodegree program has been an exciting , eye-opening introduction to the Digital Marketing domain and has instilled a sense of excitement for the learnings that lie ahead of me .

If this summary of my first 48 hours was able to raise a bit of curiosity regarding this program , kindly head over to Udacity Nanodegree Page to know more :)

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