Office Space Selection guide for Startups — 4 Most Important Tips

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When it comes to choosing an office space , there are several factors one should know before finalizing their office. A wrong office space is not only difficult to change but can also can be a big hole in your pocket. Your office space is not only a place of work, but, it also determines the efficiency of your day to day operations, employee’s productivity, client’s accessibility and your brand outlook. Hence, choosing a right office space is very critical decision and should not be taken in a hurry.

Let’s see some factors which play a critical role in choosing a right office space for your business:

Don’t go over budget, Trust me “NEVER”

Needless to say the budget is the most important aspect you should consider before finalizing the office space. The cost of the space, neither should be over subsidized and nor it should be overburdened to the business income. You need the right balance between the two and ensure that the space you choose should be worth of price. Hence, a good way is by asking a question to yourself

” whether you are able to pay a rent for three months right now or not?”

Then check whether there any hidden costs such as maintenance or parking fees associated or not. Do compare the various other options located in the area to avoid any unexpected or overcharged issues.

If you are starting with few employees then a co-working or shared office for rent can be another option for you.

Location is the Key

We have heard this thousand of times that location is very important, but, the question is how to choose the right location for your business? While choosing the right location for your office you need to consider certain angles to it. Say, for a business profile like lawyers or real state, you need to have a good and impressing location which can be easily accessed by your clients. However, the location factor depends on your business as for other type of businesses’ this may not be a crucial factor.

The next step is to ensure that whether the location can be accessed by the employees or not. Usually the locations which have less rent are poor in connectivity. This can affect your business as you may not able to recruit the right talent for your business. Also, consider the security factor and other amenities like food outlets and parking area. All these things keep the clients and employees happy!

Small or Big Space — What is good for me? How much do I need?

Your size of the office depends on the rent you pay. But, before you finalize your office space you need to ensure that size fits best for your business needs and workforce. Ideally, it’s suggested to have 50- 70 square foot space for each person. However, if your business needs bigger desks and ask for more storage spaces then up this figure. Also, you have to ensure that there should be a separate space for holding client meetings and conferences. Moreover, if your workforce and business is continuously expanding then ensure whether the space allows you the possibilities of growth or not. As a cramped office space reduces employee’s productivity. So don’t crunch the corners of the space.


The infrastructure of an office space is very important and there are certain questions you should ask yourself before making your decision these are as follows:

Is the space has a high speed and undisturbed internet connection?

Does the cost of the internet service lies in my budget?

Does the place have postal address and a good network signal?

These are some of the basic factors you should check before making your decision. There is no sense of paying for an office which has poor connection or which frequently cracks down on busy working days. If possible, try to take the views of the earlier tenant to get the accurate idea of the services.

Make sure your research immensely before diving in and finalize the right space for your business. Do tell us some other consideration while choosing an office space in the comments section below.