Do we have the DNA to build great products in India ?
Avinash Raghava

The story is very well compiled, to add to it, the transformation from having the initial idea where the entrepreneur follows his gutt to having his ear to the ground is very critical. Have often seen that with the initial euphoria of the gutt showing success takes over the mind, and we miss out on shaping the MVP to a product used at scale. I choose my words carefully here, a product being used at scale vs a scaled up product could be two different things :). I think it is important that the ecosystem has good supply of good product managers which would immensely support entrepreneurs in their journey. It is also important that entrepreneurs invest in early stages to help them understand their customers better as they adopt the product. The shape of the product is very important where it needs to look smooth rather than having edges as at it scales up. Love the part where avi talks about doing front line things that probably is useful for few but not at scale. Another way to measure it is, if the product requires engineering to acquire new customers. Happy reading all of you and thank you for a great read on a Sunday morning :)

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