Raheja Ayana: you will be delighted living in a hilly area

Very recently I got a chance to visit to a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. And I can very convincingly say that travelling to a hill station is always a beautiful experience. Oh yes, it is! Sometimes the experience differs due to its weather condition, but it is always a peaceful and satisfying experience. No wonder people from various parts of the planet have developed their vacation homes in the hilly regions. They give it several names; summer homes, winter homes, etc. Today, a lot of hill stations are being commercialised due to this particular factor.

The good thing is that we want to live in a hill station too, but the bad thing is that we can’t find it everywhere. Even if we find one, it gets relatively difficult to manage other day-to-day needs like desired jobs, locations, shopping malls, air port and most importantly connectivity.

Gurgaon is one of the major cities of India and noone can deny that. The city offers you almost everything you need except a hill station living experience. But the Aravalli mountain ranges are located in the proximity. And Raheja Ayana, a paramount builder, has launched a new residential project. The 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in Raheja Ayana are developed with rich and classy specifications to make one feel absolutely luxurious.

The project is located in Sector 79B, and is spread across 5 acres of sprawling green land. Raheja Ayana Sector 79B gurgaon has one of the greenest outdoor spaces for its residents to read, study and involve in recreational activities. Each apartments in this project has an opening towards the Aravalli ranges that ensures a beautiful view all around. The feeling of living in a hill station becomes even satisfying in rainy seasons. If you are planning to buy a house at a great location , undoubtedly this project should be one of your most obvious choices.

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