I Solemnly YOU..

He was the happiest when she was around. World around him didn't exist when she blabbered about all the things that mattered, but mostly it was that didn't.

He was smart. One could decipher by looking at his thick glasses he wore. he spoke rational and she was his skeptic argument which he gladly agreed to accept . That was how he liked it.

He was rational. he was tech savvy guy who believe in science. He knew why his heart beat and reasons behind his delusional mind state and the reasons why tiny creatures reside in him. Quantum explanation was his forte.

Then…..there was her smile. The smile that stretched from nothing to everything , from a chaotic state to a shake off holocaust silence . In her smile, tangled up was his skepticism.

Only if she knew the way he looked at her whenever she turned her back to him. Yes, she was beautiful not the Utopian kind of a beauty instead it was a beauty that can be measured, can be touched and felt. Her beauty was deeper than it was made up.

“I love you” he kept saying that over and over again inside his head until he reached a point where he was no longer him. Every time she passed him, a little bit of him went along with her.

They were perfect for each-other. There was a little but in that perfect relationship. Over the years she built walls around her. No matter how hard he tried to bring them closer, he couldn't reach up.

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