What education in India has turned into..

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of learning?Is it a feeling of joy?Anxiety?Intimidation?Or is it all of what I’ve stated,sort of a mixed feeling you find difficult to express.Whatever your answer may be it is quite difficult generalize your answer because almost everyone has a different reason for learning,but most of us here in India have a rather interesting incentive for it-competition.

You heard it.Competition according to Google is “ the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others” and this complex human emotion of jealousy drives one into learning and educating oneself.But why?Why should we make the intricate and interesting human invention of education into egoistic and selfish motives.You may argue that it is impossible for people to go completely selfless,your’e absolutely right and it goes against the most basic human instinct,survival.

But if we just for the sake of it actually TRY to enjoy this beautiful journey,it will surprisingly open a lot of new doors and possibilities.The root problem with the system of education in India is the extreme love for this concept called the “IITs”.Its quite astonishing how this short three letter abbreviation can wreak havoc on a student’s physiology and outlook towards academics.

The IITs are basically a chain of high-end overrated Indian undergraduate universities offering programs in engineering and a seemingly massive amount of people wa