Recently, I’ve been developing web apps on my own. And this wasn’t the case when I working at my job where I was given the whole damn responsibilty of creating imagery for a static UI as we were working on embedded softwares. There was a highly fragile code running and it wasn’t much dynamic when it came to changing the visual effect of our product. …

Static Technique

Images are everywhere from UI elements like banners, menus, icons, themes, templates, buttons, splash screens, backgrounds, 2D animations, gif, digital brochures, newsletters, business cards, magazine covers, illustrations, drawings, maps, mockups, prototypes, rapid sketches of ideas, manuals, guides, outline drawings. Whoever you are, whatever you do you might need to know about images that can help you grow and delight your users online. This page intends to explain you with the process of getting a designer involved with your work of creating your own images.

Be clear about what you want to show a user. …

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