weight ! The new voodoo !

Have you ever caught cold ?

If the answer to that question is yes and if you are from an indian family the most obvious step that you take is going for the home remedies before consulting any of the doc …isn’t it ?

So why is the most common diease called as obesity or overweightness treated by only one way that is going to hospital called as gym and not even tried to get rid of at home itself …

Perhaps it has been a mindset of people that overweight is the diease that can only be treated if you lift heavy weight and spend hours and hours of time running on a treadmill, eating boiled eggs and have isolated protien shakes . whereas they just can’t get over the fact that a gym is a place that helps you get fit and. is not a place where you loose weight.

I would surely be writing about gym and difference between gym diet and a normal diet in my next articles but for now let’s just focus on one topic which is about dealing with overweight.

So the basic question that arises if not gym then where should one get started to win the war of obese ? And how is not going to gym and only eating food at home gonna make one thin?

Here’s a simple fact “you got overweight or obese due to your wrong eating habits or an over obsession to food ”(exception it runs through your inheritance) so if eating worng can make you fat… it’s pretty much obvious that eating right can make you loose those extra pounds and fit .

For the instance or as the first step to loose weight you start eating correct and correct here totally mean by eating in a correct proportion and ensuring that the correct proportion has correct nutrients .

for ex: a thin guy would require a little more fats in his daily meal rather than a fat guy

The role of having food in correct proportion (quantity) helps you get proper nutrition for your individual body, it removes the constant feeling of hunger outta your mind,and the best of all the extra pounds doesn’t get collected in your stomach as fats because what you ate completely gets converted into the energy and hence no extra fat no extra weight.

As i am constantly using this words proper proportion one might think how do one decide what a perfect proportion is for his or her individual body .and if that is the case the simple calculation is the remembered i.e

Thin body =more energy to do work =more proportion

Fat body =less energy as it already has energy in form of fats = less/medium proportions

I am not asking a healty body to eat less but it is said that “a wise person is the one who knows where to stop eating” and it’s all about being a wise person …all one has to do is the stop eating when they are just Moments aways to fulfill their hunger this is because people try to satisfy their mind and not their stomach which make them not count that extra calories that are entering into their physical body due to their virtual(mind) body .

All you need to do to know when is your stomach full is to concentrate of the food And this is soo the reason elders always say don’t talk while you eat food ,chew food properly ,eat in a proper position ..etc etc blah blah.

Well that blah blah and strict rules did made some sense .

And also the indian food system strictly appeal for the hot water to be used maximum .the most common science is that the more heat your body produces the more fats you burn and you can’t think anything hot which is easily accessible all the time to drink for the humans besides water.

the superhero water has no fats in it it causes no danger no side effects and it also acts as a nourishment to the skin and your inner body .

Well let’s sum this proper proportion of food and hot water well that make’s a great diet itself and a company of just a 15 min walk everyday acts as your daily exercise and hence proved no gym required soon ..

Many more parts and doubt’s of my indian food research is still awaited to be written but I’ll make sure i deliver them asap till that keep Reading!!