• What if teachers can share all the major information on live basis!!
  • Your lecture is cancelled , you have an extra practical, and soo on all this at just one notification without exchanging the phone numbers!
  • What if you need note’s from a friend staying at a far distance in middle of night.
  • The students have a problem and couldn’t address the teachers.


This initiative will allow the college students to have a website with such a portability that every students can get correct information without being dependent on other person

  • Share your notes,thougths and every single problem or idea with the whole sections dedicated to your field .

Not only connect with the students of the same field from your college but also with the teachers of other colleges .

Know all the upcoming events of the year have a boost in career with all the best working models.


Can be accessed by any student any professor any management related to the particular feild .

Now no need to rush in your field departments leave them for the teachers and use this site to make all the hassel of misunderstanding and confusion go away .


Students need to create an id that includes their legit id and field

For example: simon.fy170@bscit or juilya.sy190@baf this will directly take them to their wall of posts

professors need to create a id wid a unique code and their field

For example: ericcamplin.prof@bscit or annahenry.prof@bcom

And management will also work on a special id

For example: markwilliom.mang@greviences


All of these IDs will direct to walls where each one can decide whether his or her post would be private or custom .


On phone to access this site all one has to do is type www.confirmkarle.com into a browser and voila u are there .

Once more and more people join community’s can happen which can make real life or short term notices displayed at the go for specific groups

For example: batch no 7 of fyit has a group and the teacher wants to cancel the practical all she has to do is to send a note to that community of batch no 7 of fyit


This site would cost zero currency to work and the overall currency to make this whole website is not more than a cup of coffee in a high class coffee shop .

So this is the initial table model of the startup.hope u like the idea .if yeah letme knw and if no please let me know where does my idea lack .

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