Life’s “Save Game”

As a voracious gamer, I literally can’t tell the numerous number of times I’ve saved a game at a particular checkpoint (to be on the safe side) if things got harder & riskier ahead because I didn’t want to lose out on what I had accomplished till that point.

That pretty much sums up what I wish to address via this post…

I want to mark that certain checkpoint on this game of life.

But, hey! how can you revert back time? That’s bull$#it!…

- said the reincarnate of the same guy who said — “But, ho! how can humans flyeth? Yond’s bull$#it!” before airplanes were invented.

So basically, I’m going to give the possibility of time-travel / revisiting-the-past a chance.

However, I have a different perspective on this concept…

I think that time travel is more likely going to be an emulated entity rather than an actual “travel” in the past.

If that statement sounds obscure, you’re right… because it indeed is.

But really… what I am trying to mean is -

Imagine, you’ve stored some “metadata” on the past checkpoints of your life. Now, also imagine being able to retrieve this metadata so as to create a replica of or “emulate” this certain checkpoint. Then finally, relive it from that point onwards! (There’s a ton of hypothetical, non-sensical possibilities here!)

So, my fellow peeps, I’ll be sharing my metadata here. For my nerdy friends from the software space — it’s gonna be JSON text! #TeamJson

Here’s the entry for my checkpoint —

"cp_entry_id": 1234567890,
"cp_entry_date": 2018-10-23,
"name": "ADITYA RATHI",
"dob": 1995-05-27,
"address": ...,
"weight": 75,
"height": 179,
"measurement_system": "STANDARD",
"likes" : ["VIDEO_GAMES", "DOGS", "PIZZA", ...],
"dislikes" : ["BOOKS", "RAISINS", "^.*GOURD", ..., "HUMANS", ...],
"career_status": {... "GOOGLE"},
"is_optimistic": false,
"happiness": 0.85,
"mental_stability": 0.75,
"total_friends": 1000,
"actual_friends": i,
"personality": 0.99,
"attractiveness": 0.99,
"popularity": 0.99,
"is_info_cross_checked": false,

There it is now. For the full version, refer to —