The 365 day rule!

It’s hysterical, how everyday I plan to change something about my life. It may be learning a new skill or leaving an old habit. But most of the times than not, I fail.

Which is not surprising to me anymore. Because over a period of time that I’ve observed my own self, a similar pattern is followed:

  • I start something very enthusiastically.
  • After going crazy about it for a while, I slow down and take rest.
  • After remaining stagnant for a while, I just give up on the idea of working / improving anymore.
  • Repeat.

And it’s the same with everything. Learning to play a guitar, going to the gym and even nurturing my relationships.

But maybe those things weren’t important to me. That’s why I was never serious enough to keep going. Right?

The things that I’ve hold onto, my friends, my passion and even my skills are somethings that I was always serious about. So here comes the 1 year rule:

“If you really want to do/learn/change something. Give it your complete 365 days”

The impact a year can cause on our lives is highly underrated. Now there are around 20 things that I want to do/learn/change. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do even half of that. Why? Because I’m not able to devote my 365 days to them.

Which is not that bad, because now I will focus all my energy and my next 365 days to those 5 out of 20 things that matters the most to me.

It may be anything, getting fit or moving on from someone or to become a chess champ, one year is enough!

So I’ve promised myself that this time, I won’t give up in the middle. I’ll choose the most important aspects of my life and work on improving them each day for the next 365 days. And if somehow I’m unable to keep my promise: I simply don’t deserve those things. Period.

For all the important things in your life, think about it in the 365 day frame. I’m pretty sure you’ll get the answer.