The Art of finding ourself

In our lives, we devote a major chunk of time to our work. Hence it is very important to find the ideal pursuit.

To do Justice with our lives.

We are here on this planet for a finite time. We have to make the best use of it. When you spend your whole life working in a field, make sure it gives you happiness in addition to just plain sad money.

The only thing we need to be happy and motivated is not Love, it is


Sitting in a cubicle, from 9 to 5, just waiting to go home to watch the football match on your HD t.v. you bought, is just plain sad. This is a big psychological trick played by Industries to keep us as slaves. The huge salaries you get is a just a small payoff for the valuable hours you put in for your work.

Do not wait for anything. Just Run. Towards your passion. Towards that thing you can work for 6 months without getting a penny but you’ll still do it. This is only way you’ll be able to find Yourself.

We have limited time, make the best use of it.

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