Feb 20, 2018 · 4 min read

CANNABIS and India have a history of more than 2000 years, this history will shine bright upon us which could been seen in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh as the cultivation of CANNABIS or Charas (don’t forget we’ve been blazing up CANNABIS since way back) is prominent. Parvati valley beholds the holy grail of MALANA cream but it also does have other CANNABIS strains which will not disappoint you, let’s have a look at all such liberating strains and how to identify them. CANNABIS GROWING is common in hilly areas. CANNABIS SEEDS are used as a food item in hill stations.

1. Rasol Cream

A 3 hour trek from KASOL will take you to the small village of Rasol. The reason for the quality CANNABIS cultivation of Rasol cream is it’s elevation which is 10000feet. It has a reddish texture from inside and is very aromatic smelling like raw mangoes, This strain of CANNABIS or Charas has high oil content and it is very minty in taste. If you can get your hands on some good quality Rasol cream you’ll fall in love with this CANNABIS strain.

2. Tosh ball

Tosh is located 21kms from KASOL. It has become the favourite destination of backpackers which come flocking here all around the year. You can find the famous Tosh balls which is a type of Charas or CANNABIS strain but moulded into balls. Tosh balls are pretty black from outside and have a green brown texture. It has a very spicy aroma and a spicy taste too which can a be little harsh on the throat. The potency of this CANNABIS strain is mild but gives you a happy high.

3. Grahan Cream

The hidden jewell of Parvati Valley is Grahan Village which is at an elevation of 8000 feet. The trek to this village is very steep and takes about 5 hours from Kasol to reach here. The Charas of this village has a black greenish texture from outside, but it is absolutely green from the inside. It has a very strong aromatic sweet smell and it is sweet just like Malana cream. Once you smoke this CANNABIS strain you’ll feel Euphoric and giggling with this highly potent Charas.

4. Nagaru Cream

I bet very few people would have heard of it and even fewer would have smoked this golden CANNABIS strain of Parvati valley. Nagaru hill is a 2 day trek from Grahan for which you’ll need professional help. Nagaru has an elevation of 12500feet which gave birth to the Charas of Nagaru hills. It has a green yellowish texture from outside and somewhat golden looking inside with a pinch of green in it. This CANNABIS strain is very potent and has a high oil content and because of that it is very sticky. The high of this Charas will mellow you down and will give soothing high but you’ll eat like you’ve never eaten before in your life after smoking this strain.

5. Waichin Cream

Waichin valley is no new name to people who have been flocking up to Kasol. Waichin cream has a very lush green texture with a bit of black in it on the inside but it won’t strech like MALANA cream, which will tell you the difference between the both. It is very light on the throat with a minty taste and a bit of sweetness in the end when you puff out the smoke.

So are you ready to go on a journey of CANNABIS hunting and experience the different highs of Parvati valley. Get to know the culture of every strain’s village because they don’t just smoke it they have a long lasting history with this beautiful plant and so does you.

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