• These three sets of principles are different, but there are lots of commonalities: what are a few of the common themes you see in both of these articles?


The basic tasks that any interface or app performs should be clear in the user’s mind. Tasks like what can be done by the app or interface, what would happen once something is done, or where the user is in the interface etc should be stated with clarity and ease.


Conventional layouts which the users are more comfortable with should be used. The user should get the feeling that they are in an environment which they can control instead of feeling lost while using the app or interface. Surprises or brain-twisted puzzles should be avoided as much as they could be.


The needs of diverse audience that could use the app/interface should be kept in mind while the designing process. Regardless of the person using the interface, the design should be such that he feels comfortable whilst using it.


Everything in the interface should be aligned nicely and the same color schemes and displays should be maintained throughout the interface. Consistency allows the user to feel familiar to the interface without even using it very often. Capitalizations and fonts should also be kept in mind while designing interfaces.

  • Choose a web site or app that you think is particularly well designed, and use these principles to determine why it is well designed (or perhaps not as well designed as you thought). Then describe two examples of how the site/app design employed these principles, or should have. Include screen shots and refer to them in your descriptions.

One app that I feel is particularly well designed is Instagram. Tasks such as uploading and editing pictures are very easy to do and nearly everyone can do so. The tiny navigation bar at the bottom of the app tells you everything that you could do using the app using proper signifiers. The app is very flexible as it is very easy to go back and forth through it .i.e convenient navigation. The font and layout of the app on all the interfaces follow the same tone and pattern. Having the same tone throughout the app makes me feel comfortable and in control. Furthermore, the app is really easy to use and anyone from a child to old people can access it without having much trouble.

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