A Must New Year’s Resolution for Designers

Let’s not avoid the important.

Designers, we run the product… ; ). It’s simple, we have to understand the dependency new year holds on us and prepare to rise through the year. The resolution is simple, Empower Yourself. Be stronger, bolder, confident and elegant. Let’s see how.

Read books

Books serve us best. Many of us are self taught designers refined by books. The work we do is the implementation of knowledge we gather from the books which give us adrenalin rush in the nights (while reading ‘em). I am a big fan of Susan Weinschenk. Her books are amazing filled with case studies and observations. This new year, go ahead, pick your book and fall in love with knowledge.

Speak confidence

Connected it is. When we read books, we gain knowledge and knowledge imparts confidence. This new year we should make a promise to shine with confidence. In the meetings, seminars, talks, etc let’s spread the creative knowledge. Let’s speak and not wait for the right time. Right time has already arrived.

Community connect

When we speak, we connect, upon connecting we make followers, friends, mentors. Our professional circle should be filled with interesting people, people we can learn from. So, let’s start organising/attending events. We should not forget to contribute to the community.

What Next?

Design is ever changing. It always evolves. It evolves as per taste, feel, need, economy and what not. We should stay in tune with our surroundings, as well as the world. Let’s all observe the needs of the world and use our creativity to solve it’s problems in a easier and efficient way.

World needs a better us, so we should evolve into better designers this New Year.

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