3 Points make a line

Something that I’ve followed at a metaphysical level since child hood. We do a lot of things in life where we can say ‘we are heading somewhere’, or not.

One point is to declare a starting point, this is where you are or where you have come from.

One point is to declare where you wan’t to be in the future.

And, one point, the one I added as an extra, is to declare what you cross in between to get where you want to. This gives a direction, this gives you a confirmation of where you are in your journey, this is where you get feedback on what you do in life.

At any given time, if you want to know where you are heading, the third point is what I consider as the most important one.

Technically, its not needed to draw a line, you can just join 2 points to make a line. But, the 3rd point keeps you grounded on that line. And if you see that the 3rd point is irrelevant to the other 2, you need to find a new 3rd point to catch a ride on!

Create a mental state and a suitable environment to facilitate succeeding at your goals. That’s where you’ll find the 3rd point with ease.

3 Points make a line.

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