Don’t cry a river over unfulfilled dreams,

Neither believe people who say it’s fantasy!

There is no plan which cannot translate

Into achievable reality!

Your day may be worth a thousand years,

At the end of which you burn!

But the next day you resurge from these ashes,

And with each resurgence learn.

Your longings might be fulfilled late,

A day, a year or maybe two.

Don’t brood over the delay,

And colour your opinions in a dark hue

Sometimes it’s not only about what you did

There were circumstances which cleverly hid,

To push you further towards existing self doubt,

And send many more crashing out

A few scores later when you are interred,

Be remember for staying undeterred!

Through the darkest of times and strongest of negative forces!

Be remembered, my dear friend

For having loved what you did

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