Walk with me down the promenade

For today I wish for a few memories to be made

From its perch up in the sky,

The sun shall fade as we walk by,

As we pass the hat seller and a stall with apple pie,

We shall talk about life and its meaning

Live every moment like its the last we’re living,

Admire the gulls and their freedom

And share with each other our wisdom.

When the sky turns purple

We shall view the world with a different prism,

Wonder why we occasionally drown in the sea of materialism,

Letting conscience and feeling pass!

Oh! there are problems only the soul comprehends

Like the feeling when it seems to be missing a part!

Did I sense completeness when I closed my eyes,

and saw us walk away into the moonlight?

Love? illusion? I would never know,

For you were never here, but will you ever be?

I know not an answer,

for my mind could never comprehend what eyes see.